Harness the power of sound for effortless, secure communication between devices.

ToneTag uses its revolutionary data over sound (DoS) technology to communicate between devices  - enabling contactless proximity payments, marketing solutions, and on-the-go mobility solutions.

What is ToneTag?

Revolutionary data over sound (or sound wave) Technology

ToneTag is a sound-wave communication tech platform which enables payments and proximity customer engagement services on any device, independent of the instrument or the infrastructure. ToneTag, with it’s simple SDK installation, seamlessly works inside some of your most trusted mobile apps and devices.



ToneTag encodes data into sound waves which is then transmitted between devices making it highly interoperable.


highly Secure

ToneTag has implemented a proprietary security protocol with 3 layers of encryption, using Blockchain and Tokenization to ensure your sensitive information is never compromised.


Simple Integration

ToneTag works on existing infrastructure. Only a simple software push is required to enable it in any device or mobile app.



Studies have shown that contactless transactions help increase sales due to cashless and effortless payment process. ToneTag data over sound technology paves the way for simpler and quicker proximity mobile payments.

ToneTag SDK can be integrated with mobile apps, EDC/POS and ATM machines without any hardware upgrades to make them ready for contactless payments and other solutions.  Additionally, with ToneTag RetailPod, any retailer can accept sound based contactless payments irrespective of their existing infrastructure.

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ToneTag for Mobility Payments on-the-go

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses where people are expected to pay on the move, is collection of cash and speed.

ToneTag’s mobility solutions solve this problem by allowing customers to make fast, cashless,  and secure payments. Now there will be no long queues at toll plazas, parking lots and petrol pumps.

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ToneTag for Retail


ToneTag technology is bridging the gap between the offline and online communications in retail space to enable focused omni-channel messaging. 

The technology can enable personalized engagement experience for customers on the basis of their shopping history & preferences, making them feel special and recognized.

This can help retailers to place appropriate real-time triggers, call to actions and product promotions at any point in the buying cycle. Rating, voting, commenting, and endorsing on services can also be enabled. ToneTag helps to improve the customer-brand relationship, maximizing in-store conversion rates and delivering a path-breaking and unique shopping experience.

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