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  • service Secure transactions
  • service Commute effortlessly
  • service Check-in, discover & engage
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  • Why Sound?

    Sound is the most powerful medium of communication. Here, at ToneTag, we are redefining device interactions by harnessing this natural form of energy.

  • World's largest sound wave technology network

    Wouldn't it be magical to have various devices interact out of thin air? We're talking about smart & secure proximity payments and customer engagements that make our lives effortless. With ToneTag, a sound wave technology platform, we are making this the new normal.
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  • Interaction through Software Integration

    Integrate ToneTag propriety Software Development Kit (SDK) with any device or existing infrastructure. The algorithm of the kit, built upon sound waves, enables device interaction in the form of an irreversible set of codes. Thus, allowing a secure and fast data transfer between the two devices without any primary hardware installation.
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  • Interaction through Hardware Integration

    ToneTag RetailPod, a hardware solution, can be easily integrated into any business environment to transfer data in a contactless form through sound waves. Enabling businesses to provide a secure & smart user-experience to their customers for seamless payments with real-time acknowledgments, proximity engagements, and loyalty services.
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ToneTag Innovation The edge-over technology


Highly Secure

ToneTag's cutting-edge technology ensures data security with multi-layers protection like Tokenization, Host card emulation, 3 Layers Encryption, TOTP, White Box Cryptography and Blockchain. So, now you don't have anything to worry about!


Highly Compatible

ToneTag, the most cost-effective and interoperable solution available. It works on any existing infrastructure without the need to invest in complex and expensive technologies. It also has universal applications irrespective of networks or geographies. All you need is a software upgrade or RetailPod plug & play solution!

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Why ToneTag?

  • Unique

    With 13 earliest patent filings and 132 claims, ToneTag technology is a pioneer in innovation, enabling experiences ahead of its time.

  • Omnipresent

    Let your users get things done with minimum or no human intervention. A single sound wave technology that enables payments, retail, mobility, media, services, engagements, and more.

  • Secure

    Security that you can rely on, that you can count on. With encrypted data-over-sound transfer, ToneTag technology offers unparalleled security through multiple impenetrable layers without retaining any transactional data footprints.

  • Interoperable

    ToneTag technology can be implemented on multiple platforms and devices, as it is completely interoperable and platform independent. Since sound is our tool, this technology can work without connectivity or geographical boundaries, making it universally applicable.

  • Trusted

    Helping global giants like Amazon, MasterCard, Infosys Finacle reach their goal of making user experience more seamless with ToneTag technology.

  • Cost Effective

    ToneTag technology works on existing infrastructure to enable multiple use cases without the need to invest in complex and expensive technologies, making it a highly cost-effective solution to integrate.

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