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ToneTag allows easy , frictionless & secure
proximity payments using soundwaves(Tone) or NFC (Tag)
and enables contactless experience on any device

Buy grocery, coffee, vegetables and even pay
for your cab ride using your mobile phone

Keep it connected

Add a mobile wallet, Card or Bank Account

There is nothing to worry about

It is a secure Payment

Your information is safe

When you add your card, wallet or bank account, the details are not stored on your phone. Even when you shop at a merchant, ToneTag sends a token in place of your account information.  So, your details stay safe.

Multi layer encryption

When you initiate a purchase, the handshake and Token exchange undergoes multi-layer of encryption. This allows you to feel safe even when you wish to do small value payments or invisible payments that do not require a PIN

When you lose your phone

Even when you lose your phone, you don’t need to block your cards, just make a call to ToneTag support within 24 hours and we will reset your account so that no one can use it. Alternatively, you can also use Android Device Manager to lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password, even wipe it clean of your personal information.

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