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Collaboration over Competition: The Growth of the Banking Sector

The recent years have seen an evolution in the functioning of the banking sector. The growth of the FinTech industry see...

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The Online In The Offline: How Data Analysis Is Changing Retail

What attracts people to online shopping? Discounts? Convenience? Personalization? The recent years have seen a la...

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Global Payments Ecosystem

Evolution of Payments, and the basic criteria that drives adoption To know how payments is going to evolve in the next...

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Evolution of Digital Payments in India

Cash is the de-facto mode of payment across the globe. More than 95% of the transactions in India are still cash-based....

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Experience A Revolutionary Way Of Banking via ToneTag

The moment someone utters the word 'bank', we generally visualize cheque books, files, tellers, and papers along...

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3 Compelling Benefits of UPI Payment

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a payment system launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and regu...