15 Dec 2022

Voice-Based v/s Traditional Payments – Where Does The Future Lie?

Payments and profits are, no doubt, the lifeblood of any business, no matter the size and scale of the business. Whether it is a multinational chain store, your neighbourhood grocery shop or a single-owner online business, arguably the most important factor that ensures a long and profitable run of any business is the kind of user experience they are able to provide their customers with. This includes everything from ease of product discovery and selection to billing and payment processes – the latter being a major factor influencing customer satisfaction and eventually, retention. Up until a decade ago, traditional payment…

30 Mar 2022

Introducing VoiceSe: India’s Foremost Voice-Based Payment System

It is the year 2022 – a full six years since the Reserve Bank of India introduced the concept and technology of UPI, or Unified Payment Interface, to the people of India in 2016. For a developing country with millions of smartphone users, this was welcome news – people could finally take the cashless route without having to get engaged in the inconvenience that is net banking. However, India being a developing country, there still exist millions of people who do not have access to a smartphone, hail from areas with minimal to no data connectivity or inconsistent network, or…

1 Apr 2021

SonicEngage: Personalised marketing for TV and digital Platforms

The average attention span of a common person is 8 seconds. That is what brands have to work with – 8 seconds. The marketing space is constricted and overcrowded with brands competing for consumer attention with creative ads and funky content, but they are dealing with an increasingly impatient customer; one who finds the YouTube 5 second skip ad time too long, and can’t wait to skip the ad, or has already installed ad-blockers, or simply switches the TV channel when an Ad comes on. How do brands keep up with this ever-shortening window of attention and most importantly –…