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One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses where people are expected to pay on the move is collection of cash. It is estimated that India loses USD 21.3 billion annually because of delays and additional fuel consumption at toll plazas.

ToneTag’s mobility solutions solve this problem by enabling cashless, efficient, and secure payments.

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Cashless and Contactless Payments at Toll Plazas

Facilitate seamless traffic on highways by allowing customers to pay using ToneTag’s technology at Toll Plazas.

Cashless and Contactless Payments

No queues

When customers approach a Toll Plaza, they receive a toll payment notification on their ToneTag enabled applications. On authentication, the toll gets deducted within seconds from the customer’s account, thereby ensuring that vehicles pass through faster.

NO Hardware investment

ToneTag technology works seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, so there is no need for additional costly upgrades.

Cashless Parking

Reduce congestion and make payments by enabling ToneTag technology at parking lots. Now businesses can improve cash flow and create hassle-free customer experience by enabling faster check-outs.

Cashless Parking

Swift ticketless entry

When customers enter a ToneTag enabled parking lot, their entry time is recorded, and the customer needn’t collect the ticket. This works even if customers do not have internet on their phones.

Faster Exit

Customers receive a payment notification when they are 10 meters away from the parking exit. Once the customer taps on the pay option, the parking charges are automatically deducted based on the time spent in the parking. The parking lot personnel receives a payment notification and allows the customer to exit.

Improved Cashflow

Today, most parking tickets are paid by cash thus increasing the duration of the working capital cycle.

Hassle-Free Payments at Petrol Pumps

ToneTag’s technology makes petrol pump payments a stress-free experience.

Hassle-Free Payments

Seamless Payments

Our advanced sound-wave technology allows a petrol pump attendant to accept faster payments on EDC machines, ToneTag enabled applications, or RetailPod.

Self-service Petrol Pumps

Petrol pump owners can now go ‘Self-Service’. Once customers are done filling fuel, they can make payments themselves using ToneTag RetailPod available at the pumping station.

Make offline payments while flying

ToneTag’s minimalistic user intervention simplifies in-flight payments. Travellers can make several payments through sound. It allows seamless transaction without internet or wifi connection.

Make offline payments

No internet required

ToneTag enables in-flight mobile payment option for customers, without any internet connectivity.

Quick Transactions

ToneTag allows money demarcated for offline payments to be utilized for in-flight payments even in airplane mode. Customers will get an instant confirmation of successful transactions.

Mobile payments at Railway Ticket Counters

ToneTag’s technology makes railway ticket payments a stress-free experience.

Mobile payments at Railway Ticket Counters

Self Service ticketing

Passengers can use their ToneTag enabled applications to buy train tickets from ticket counters or from the ticket vending machines present at railway stations.

Seamless Integration

Passengers can pay from their ToneTag-integrated mobile wallets and banking applications. They can also pay for purchases in shops at railway stations.

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