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In today’s world, there are several wireless short-range communication technologies but all have certain limitations, either the initial friction of setting up or the unavailability of a specific feature in the intended user’s device.

ToneTag uses inbuilt features of modern and legacy devices to transfer data over sound. This approach makes the entire process device agnostic and completely frictionless, making the user experience intuitive and highly adaptable. 

ToneTag sound-wave communication platform enables highly secure proximity payments, customer engagement services and on-the-go mobility solutions. In fact, this is just the beginning, future applications could range from toys to robots to hospitals to mining, the possibilities are limitless.

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Key Features & Benefits


ToneTag is highly interoperable and completely hardware independent, enabling all phone users, smartphone and feature phone, to experience a wide range of futuristic solutions. ToneTag easily integrates with all the existing mobile phone applications, POS, EDC or any other merchant terminal.


ToneTag provides out-of-the-box support for audible and inaudible frequency.


ToneTag uses 3 layers of encryption over proprietary protocol, with Blockchain and Tokenization for a fail proof secure transaction.


ToneTag works on existing infrastructure. Only a simple software push is required to enable it in any device or mobile app. Hence, it is highly scalable and can be used to solve several real-world problems.


ToneTag provides a next generation digital payment experience wherein Issuers & Acquirers can enable payments securely without invoking customer intervention. This is especially critical in low value and loyalty based transactions.

How are we different?

Constantly building & innovating technology to make things easier, faster and connected like never before.



ToneTag has filed 7 global patents to build great use cases in payments as well as offline retail space.




ToneTag is the first company in the world to enable contactless payment acceptance on EDC machine using sound. Being the first-mover, ToneTag is certainly poised to be a leader in sound based contactless payment.


No internet, No problems

No internet, No problems

ToneTag’s technology does not require an always-on internet connection. Payments can be made in offline mode as well.



ToneTag does not need you to purchase any additional hardware. With just a single software update, it converts your existing device or app into a contactless device, making it a highly cost-effective solution.


Payments across devices

Payments across devices

ToneTag technology enables payments across all devices, including Laptops, PCs, Tablets, EDCs, mPOS, Smartphones, Feature Phones

User-Oriented Interface

User-Oriented Interface

Traditional devices like QR Scanners and NFC readers consume excessive time. ToneTag enables one-click in-store payments which can be completed in less than 3 seconds, leading to a frictionless experience.


SDK Integration

We believe that as a platform, it is our job to make the integrations so simple and easy, that developers can focus on business functions, and leave the communication part to us. We obsessively create robust and scalable integrations, to enable our users to get up and running with ToneTag in very little time.


SDK Integration


ToneTag SDK for Android & iOS can be easily embedded in existing mobile apps. This SDK enables mobile apps to communicate using sound waves.


ToneTag SDK ensures diverse imaginative and innovative solutions that provide delightful user experiences to consumers.


ToneTag requires no additional specifications to get integrated. It is compatible with any phone or existing payment device.