SonicEngage is an integrative marketing tool that adds value to your advertising by enabling immersive and interactive experiences in real-time across platforms.

It offers you the opportunity to connect with your customer at an individual level and provides key actionable data that is critical in developing and altering your marketing strategy.

Key Benefits

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    Leading customers directly to your product buying page

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    Shortening customer’s path to purchase

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    Engaging customers with running offers and live sales

SonicEngage offers unique benefits based on your medium of communication


SonicEngage For Video

  • Watch and buy: Live purchase of accessories, apparel, and clothes that your favourite actors are wearing on screen
  • Emotion Tracking: Get valuable information on your customer’s preferences, liking, and personality
  • Enriched viewing experience: life-like interaction with family & friends through Virtual Theatre
  • Viewer and celebrity handshake: Engage and interact with celebrities in real-time

SonicEngage For Digital

  • Advertisement tracker: Track, monitor, and analyse your ads on digital platforms
  • Increase ROI: Create effective data plans based on actionable and conclusive data and increase your return on investment
  • Effective segmentation: Create digital profiles for your target group based on their online behaviour

SonicEngage For Radio

  • Sell instantly: Listeners can make live purchases if they decide to buy/book the product that is being advertised over the
  • Make your ad interactive: Listeners can participate in live polls/surveys while listening to radio ads
  • Get your customers involved: Listeners can participate real-time in any vote or feedback that RJ wants to run without the need to dial a number or posting on RJ’s social media
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Analyse and understand competitor communications your customer is exposed to