In a quest to enable merchants to provide a seamless, queueless and cashier-less experience to their customers, ToneTag has launched a new product named “Oyeti”.

Oyeti, an exclusive product by ToneTag empowers merchants to provide many unique and unmatchable experiences to their customers. From Ordering Ahead food at their favorite restaurants, skipping the long queues at grocery stores or doing cashier-less checkouts, it enables merchants to make their customers experience a digital and interactive commerce experience.  It acts as a platform that offers faster checkouts and takes away the dependency from cash, queues, cashier, endless waiting and makes shopping or ordering easy and frictionless for customers. Merchants can also interact with their customers in real-time, sending them notifications/updates on WhatsApp. Customers can also use WhatsApp channel to make payment for the services offered.

Here are a few experiences/services that are enabled by Oyeti:

Order Ahead: 
Using Oyeti, merchants can enable their customers to Order Ahead at their favorite restaurants for takeaway or dine-in. This makes them skip the waiting time as the food gets ready before they arrive. Customers can not only just place their orders through WhatsApp but also pay for them on WhatsApp. Additionally, merchants can also send real-time updates to the customers through WhatsApp, making the ordering process seamless and wait-free.

Order Ahead User Journey

Queueless Grocery Shopping: Oyeti enables merchants to make the grocery shopping experience for customers extremely seamless. Customers can simply handpick their groceries, put them in a bag and leave it on the counter. Merchants can bill the items and send an automated invoice to the customers through WhatsApp or messages. Customers can choose to either pick the grocery bags later or get them home-delivered at their desired timeslot. This makes the billing process easy and seamless for the merchants as they no longer have to maintain multiple checkout points. Customers no longer must stand in long queues to get their items billed, making grocery shopping experience customizable, cashless, queueless and cashier-less.

Queueless Grocery Shopping User Journey

grocery shopping without ques with oyeti

Oyeti realizes ToneTag’s vision to digitalize offline commerce by enabling merchants to offer various location-based services for their customers through commonly used platforms like WhatsApp and so on.

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