The average attention span of a common person is 8 seconds. That is what brands have to work with – 8 seconds. The marketing space is constricted and overcrowded with brands competing for consumer attention with creative ads and funky content, but they are dealing with an increasingly impatient customer; one who finds the YouTube 5 second skip ad time too long, and can’t wait to skip the ad, or has already installed ad-blockers, or simply switches the TV channel when an Ad comes on.

How do brands keep up with this ever-shortening window of attention and most importantly – how do brands communicate their key message in under 5 seconds?

And as all good solutions, the answer to these questions starts with a ‘What if”.

What if we make advertisements interactive. What if we make it experiential. What if advertisements can make customers buy the product while watching the ad. What if an ad isn’t just a glossy sales pitch.

With this aim, ToneTag developed SonicEngage, a software tool to make advertisements interactive, engaging, and immersive. The software is a master marketing tool that is universally compatible across all platforms of TV, OTT, Social Media, radio, and other digital platforms and operates in synergy with all formats of content.

How does SonicEngage work?

The most important feature of SonicEngage is that it makes the customer’s journey of buying the product significantly shorter. Normally, when a customer views a TV or digital media advertisement, he/she doesn’t go and make the purchase immediately and postpones the purchase for later, even though he/she likes the product. This is because of the absence of a trigger to purchase. SonicEngage provides this stimulus through pop-ups or notifications to buy the product on his/her phone while the product’s ad is playing on TV. This stimulus increases the chances of purchase significantly, especially if there is a special limited-time offer running on the product.

Apart from this, the customer’s online buying journey is one of confusion and endless browsing. Once the customer has seen the advertisement and decides to make a purchase, he/she is confronted with scores of online shopping platforms selling a plethora of similar items from rival brands and offering other alternate products. The customer is also exposed to different communications and advertising that make the buying journey confusing and perplexing. This indirectly affects the performance of the marketing campaign and thus adversely affects the ROI.

SonicEngage deals with this problem directly and removes the confusion by helping the customer navigate directly to the product’s buying page.

Besides this, brands can employ SonicEngage for an array of benefits and features. The details of which are given below:

SonicEngage for TV and OTT:

  1. The viewer can purchase the clothes, accessories, and items that they see on screen in movies or series.
  2. SonicEngage collates customer data related to their likings, preference, and personality based on their preferred genre, language, watching history, and wishlist.
  3. The Virtual Theatre connects a customer to his/her family and friends stimulating an environment of watching together.
  4. The customer can engage in live polling and chatting while watching the content
  5. The viewer-celebrity real-time virtual handshake takes your customers to their favorite stars on-screen stimulating an actual meeting.

Thus, SonicEngage is capable of creating an immersive and captivating experience that people have never seen before.

SonicEngage is tailor-made to embed into Social Media and other digital platforms such as Youtube or Metacafe, and not only creates an immersive environment but also accumulates valuable customer data that brands can analyze to increase ROI and eliminate marketing inefficiencies.

SonicEngage for SocialMedia and other digital platforms:

  1. Brands can track the performance of their ads as well as competitor ads on Digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This data helps the brand analyze competitor space and understand the customer’s persona and mood
  2. Brands can create effective media plans with the help of conclusive data and increase their returns and also segment users based on their content preferences such as Genre, Language, etc.
  3. Brands can narrow down affluent users to advertise premium products
  4. Branda can segment users based on their affinity to make digital purchases. Example: Whether the users make purchases through Instagram Brand accounts

Additionally, SonicEngage allows brands to send messages of discounts and deals through targeted messaging to select customers and establish a personal connection with the customer. The software enables brands to create business conversations with the customers in their own living rooms.

So, while brands are trying to sell better, SonicEngage enables brands to go a step further and help the customers to buy better. Through SonicEngage, brands can do a lot more than just communicate; brands can virtually hand-hold the customer through the purchase process.