ToneTag has been the leader in the sound-based transactions and interactions space. Being the worlds largest sound-based network, ToneTag technology has enabled proximity-based device-to-device and human-to-device communication with an emphasis on easy-to-use features, accurate data transfer, and secure transactions.

ToneTag enables features such as accurate voice recognition, hands-free interface (through earpods), multi-tasking, real-time interactions, and easy device-integration not only to make transactions and interactions easier but also lead to refined business operations and effective D2C interactivity.

Driving innovation and efficiency in the voice-commerce platform is the“Pay with Voice” solution. The “Pay with Voice” solution enables voice-based payments through voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri and also ensures high-level security in terms of payments as the transaction is done through recognition of the user’s voice. Core to ToneTag’s voice commerce platform is the patented algorithm that puts identity to voice and transfers that identity to audio or voice for near-perfect transmission.

Using the patented algorithm, the “Pay with voice” solution authenticates the legitimate user’s voice before carrying out any transaction or payment. The payment authentication is done through Audio OTP, which eliminates the need for manual input of Amount or OTP or PIN. The entire transaction is completed simply through voice-based interaction, which is completely secure and automated, and thus reduces human error significantly making the system completely tamper-proof.

Thus, ToneTag “Pay with Voice” solution not only makes payments easy and automated but also ensures security with voice-based authentication.