ToneTag smart solutions have always been adding value to the merchants under its ecosystem, more so in today’s pandemic hit economy.

With Oyeti, we aim to fill the gap of online presence for local supermarkets and restaurant brands, who otherwise don’t have the means of doing so, and are missing out on the volume of transactions that online presence can offer them. While our solution helps build an online presence for such stores, we also focus on the seamlessness of the shopping experience for the end customers.

We are publishing the success stories of the merchants who have been using our solutions and have benefited a great deal from it. Today’s story is of a restaurant named Flying Kombucha, based out of Hoodi, Bangalore as narrated by Prashant, Senior Manager at Flying Kombucha.

Flying Kombucha is a fairly large brand in Bangalore with multiple branches. They have seen a rise in repeating customers and new customers day by day, post-integration with Oyeti. Having been using the solution for over 4 months now, Prashant, Senior Manager at Flying Kombucha says, ”The overall experience is good, I would definitely recommend Oyeti to others. Contactless order placement and payment solutions are the need of the hour.”

The solution has proved to be very helpful for brands like Flying Kombucha, especially in pandemic times to help them unlock their businesses while maintaining social distancing norms. Speaking about the customer experience, Prashant said “We have many loyal customers who are enjoying the overall experience that they get through Oyeti, and we have received positive feedback.”