ToneTag smart solutions have always been adding value to the merchants under its ecosystem, more so in today’s pandemic hit economy.

With Oyeti, we aim to fill the gap of online presence for local supermarkets and restaurant brands, who otherwise don’t have the means of doing so, and are missing out on the volume of transactions that online presence can offer them. While our solution helps build an online presence for such stores, we also focus on the seamlessness of the shopping experience for the end customers.

We are publishing the success stories of the merchants who have been using our solutions and have benefited a great deal from it. Today’s story is of a supermarket named Food Palace, based out of Mahadevapura, Bengaluru as narrated by Abdul, owner of Food Palace.

Food Palace is a small-scale local supermarket, like most conventional standalone supermarkets their business has taken a hit due to the pandemic. But having been registered with Oyeti for over 3 months, Abdul has been able to maintain the scale of his business despite the reduced footfalls. The regular customers of Food Palace who are not able to visit the store after the surge in Covid-19 cases now interact with the store on their digital storefront on Oyeti.

Oyeti has proved to be very effective in giving a digital presence to local supermarkets like Food Palace who are now seeing a new stream of business, through online orders. “The experience has been nice, my regular customers are now opting for self-pickup as well as home delivery through the Oyeti app”, says Abdul speaking of his experience with Oyeti.