ToneTag has always strived for enriching the merchant’s experience and ensuring convenience in the business activity that we aim to cater to. When ToneTag started, it was established to solve the issues in merchant transactions.

With Retail Pod, our flagship product, we are solving the problem of payment authentication and ensuring secure digital payments for merchants. In addition to universal UPI payment acceptance, the device also authenticates the transaction post the completion of payment. Additionally, we also provide the merchant with a Seller app to keep track of all the transactions under his/her account.

We are publishing the success stories of the merchants who have been using our solutions and whose businesses have benefited from it. Today’s story is of a local store in Bangalore named Welcome Mart as narrated by Shafeer, owner of the store.

Shafeer is a registered merchant with ToneTag and has been using the Retail Pod at his store. Speaking on the ease of tracking daily transactions, Shafeer says, “I would rate my experience as good, the process becomes easier with RetailPod.”

We at ToneTag ensure security as of transactions as well as timely settlements for the same. We have a dedicated support team to address the merchant queries. “The payment credit process is fast, makes it easier on our end”, says Shafeer on the experience with daily payment settlements. Being totally contactless and secure, the Retail Pod remains the first choice of Shafeer and 30,000 other merchants like him.