ToneTag for Retail
Engaging Customers

Moving ahead of time with swift m-payments in less than 3 seconds. ToneTag enhances customer engagement by analysing shopping behaviour to facilitate contactless payments on existing infrastructure. It enables real-time communication for a smart & personalised experience.

Customer Engagement

Delight customers with personalized contextual communication

Technology has changed consumer expectations. Today’s consumers expect to receive personalized & relevant information on their smartphones. Companies that focus on providing such customer experience will lead the way in the years to come. ToneTag’s innovative technology allows businesses to delight customers by providing such contextual and curated content, exactly when they need it.



ToneTag’s two-way smart beacons detect the location of customers as soon as they enter the premise. This also pulls up their information such as loyalty status, demographic, recent interactions, etc.


ToneTag’s advanced technology now allows businesses to present customers with relevant & contextual content such as offers, promotions, new launches, etc.


ToneTag’s contactless, frictionless, and secured payment makes all transactions seamless.

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Contactless Kiosk

Reinvent the kiosk experience with ToneTag

Speed up and improve convenience for customers by adding a contactless Kiosk powered by ToneTag.


enhanced safety & Security

Now customers won’t have to worry about someone watching over their shoulder while entering their personal information. ToneTag passes customer authentication information, such as bank account numbers, by simply playing a secured tone from the customer’s ToneTag enabled app.

Highly Convenient

ToneTag’s technology does not require customers to insert a card or pin in the Kiosk, allowing them to make quick and easy transactions.


During busy hours, it’s hard to keep up with the demand and make customers wait in line. With ToneTag’s contactless kiosk, customers can make transactions on the go.

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ToneTag SonicCast

Audio watermark devices to make them Sonic Smart

ToneTag’s advanced SonicCast technology allows you to transmit information through TV, radio, and digital displays. Thereby opening several avenues to communicate with customers in real-time.


Teleshopping made easy

Businesses can now make shopping hassle-free for customers while they are watching shows. Through SonicCast, product and billing information can be showcased in real time, enabling convenient one-click purchases on the phone. Watch your sales shoot up in no time!

Real-tIme Offers

Real-time promotions, coupons, and offers can be made available during shows to the audience, thereby enticing them to make one-click purchases.

Make Customers Take Action

ToneTag’s SonicCast enables businesses to engage their customers and prompt desired actions, such as app downloads and answering surveys.

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ToneTag’s Pick&Go Solution

Reinvent the kiosk experience with ToneTag

Make shopping quick & easy with ToneTag’s Pick&Go technology.


Pick, Pay & Go

ToneTag’s revolutionary Pick&Go technology now allows retailers to let their customers walk into the store, pick up items, and have money deducted on the go without even going to the checkout counter.


The Pick&Go solution can be implemented in any store, irrespective of the scale of their operations. It can also be implemented for multiple brands.


The Pick&Go solution is compatible with retailer's existing infrastructure and requires minimal additional cost and effort to implement.

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