January 30, 2019

The Natural Element in Technology

It’s a common notion that with the evolution of technology, human interactions reduce. However the truth is, the utilization of technology to create and maintain relationships has become a commonplace. The tools of technology have become so advanced that human relations have been restructured.

Technology as framework has witnessed a maturity from a physical tool in the past to a sophisticated form of communication today and will witness a symbiotic future. The core idea is that physical technologies are anterior to sophisticated technologies, which will be anterior to symbiotic technologies. Over a period of time, the physical technologies like knives, stone tools and other man-made tools have decreased and been replaced with sophisticated tools. Today a major part of technology we use compromises of interface-based technologies. The foreseeable future is already flourishing with the advanced tools of symbiotic technologies using the human-computer interface. This interface lies on the basis of natural elements and human emotions.

E.O Wilson coined the term “biophilia” referring to a fundamental, genetically based human need to affiliate with life and life-like processes. Studies have shown that, even a minimal connection with nature can foster a healthier lifestyle. With the incredible power and possibilities of nature, it found its way even into technology.

One of the most significant elements of nature, is sound. As the basis for communication, for experiences and now as the basis for a better future. Harnessing this ubiquitous medium of communication, it formed the basis of sound technology. While technology was introduced into the social system with the intention of making life easier, it has also garnered a significant position in conveying emotions and reinstating relationships. In a world full of screens and sounds, sound technology is merging these two and creating a window displaying a better and easier future. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is a testament to our espousal of living a digital life. More notably, technologies have its impact on how individuals engage in interpersonal relations and behave within relationships. With the use of natural elements, it creates a human space in a technology world.

According to the proponents of biophilia, it has been adaptive in our evolutionary history and is deeply woven into the architecture of the human mind. Sound being an element of life, has the ability to communicate experiences. Leveraging sound, the technology landscape connects its scope to biophilia to understand what it means to be human.

Two trends that are powerfully reshaping human existence are the degradation of the natural world and also the unprecedented advancement of technology. At the nexus of these two evolutions lies the technological nature. The power of technology to mediate, augment and simulate a digital world with the elements of the natural world is becoming a growing part of the human life.

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